Frosted Glass Film

greatly enhances home security, hiding the contents of a room, workshop or shed, from opportunist prying eyes. The Met Police's advice is simple: "Remove temptation. Where possible, try to keep valuables out of sight from windows".

For commercial properties, Health and Safety law requires, that where the general public come into contact with a large uninterrupted glazed area, frosted vinyl graphics should be used to bring attention to this glass surface.

Miniature company logos for example, can be used on entrances or internal glass partitions, which in turn also serve to subtly reinforce your company's identity. These so called 'window manifestations' are a good idea for the home and office too. You could, for example, use frosted safety spots on patio doors or large mirrors.

Frosted glass film can also provide additional safety in the event your glass should break. By holding the glazing together in one piece, it helps to prevent flying shards of glass.