A Quick Guide to applying frosted window film

Easy to follow instructions willl be provided with every order, and are available to view and download below. You can also mouse over the thumbnail images on the left.

Firstly, make sure your window is clean and free from paint specs. Next prepare a large flat work surface, and fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of washing up liquid. Lay the frosted window film onto the table, frosted side down, white backing side up and wet your hands with the detergent solution.

Begin peeling one of the top two corners (fig.1) - Hold this corner flat on the table and ask your assistant to peel back the rest of the backing paper, whilst wetting the newly exposed film with the solution (fig.2).

Spray the glass of the window liberally with detergent solution (fig.3). then lift the window film by the top two corners and place it onto the glass (fig.4). The solution you made, will help slide it perfectly into position. Using an old credit card as a squeegee, carefully smooth over the film from the centre outwards (fig.5).

The following stages apply if you have a design cut into your film.
In order to keep the design in place, there is a layer of protective tape over the design cut outs. Leave the film for 3-4 hours, so that it has semi-dried. Peel off the protective tape (fig.A), then pick out the shapes with a pin (fig.A,B). The film is dry and fixed within approximately 24 hours.

The thumbnail images to the left, show the sequence for applying window film.

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